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Little Lights Learning Center

A ministry of
The Lighthouse Church

7808 N.E. 94th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98662

(360) 254-5198 phone
(360) 254-7621 fax

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to attend the Lighthouse Church to enroll in the daycare?

Little Lights Learning Center is open to the community for group care.

At what age can an infant enter care at the Center?

Children must be at least one month of age.

When can my child move to the Toddler Ones classroom?

When a child can walk steadily and unassisted down the long hallway, is over 12 months of age, and there is availability in the classroom. Typical 1s Room activities that parents can help their child get ready for include drinking from a sippy-cup and managing finger foods.

What food is provided by the Center and what is brought by the Parent?

The Center provides morning and afternoon snack. Parents can bring breakfast before 7:30 so children can eat here. Lunch is provided by parents (in an insulated lunch-pail or with a cold pack). We serve milk with lunch, so if your child can drink milk, you do not need to pack a drink for lunchtime.

When is my payment due?

Payments are due by Friday at 6pm for the following week. You are welcome to pay ahead for several weeks if you so choose. Baby Room tuition is paid by a monthly rate, which can be split into two payments.

Do you provide transportation for School Age children?

We do not provide transportation, however, Sunset Elementary School busses children to and from our Center.

What do you do to prepare children for Kindergarten?

Children have instruction and practice in recognizing and writing their name and the alphabet. We include a wide variety of physical activities for fine and gross motor skills, language development, social and emotional skills, and cognitive development. Music includes some sign language. We have both a Christmas Program and Graduation where children have the opportunity to perform.

How can I get answers to questions not posted here?

You can ask specific questions by telephone or when you come to visit.  For more information about contacting us go to our Contact Us page on this site.