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Little Lights Learning Center

A ministry of
The Lighthouse Church

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Vancouver, WA 98662

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Ci-Ci's Scholarship

The Ci-Ci Scholarship was created in 2007 by parents and LLLC Staff in honor of Cindi Smither-Vasquez. Cindi was dearly loved for her warmth, humor, and dedication to the children, their families, and staff at LLLC. She played an integral part in the growth and development of Little Lights Learning Center from its beginning in 2001 until her death in 2007. She also helped to oversee Shining Lights Kindergarten from its inception in 2004.

Cindi Smither-Vasquez ScholarshipThe aim of the Ci-Ci Scholarship is to provide funds to enable students from the Pre-K Class of Little Lights Learning Center to attend Shining Lights Kindergarten.

Shining Lights Kindergarten is a ministry of the Lighthouse- a Christian Church, with a Christian world view, using Abeka curriculum. Though non-accredited, the program is accelerated. Acceptance into First grade is dependent on the approval of the admitting school. Factors such as birth date and pre-entry learning assessment commonly determine placement.

Donations to the Ci-Ci Scholarship Fund may be made by contacting the office at Little Lights Learning Center (360) 254-5198.

The following terms and conditions apply:

  • Applicant must pass the Shining Lights Pre-Enrollment Assessment and receive the recommendation of both the LLLC Pre-K teacher and the SL Kindergarten teacher.
  • The Bible lists parents as those who have the primary responsibility to train their children. Parent/Guardian participation in ensuring the recipient has consistent school attendance and homework supervision assistance is required.
  • The Shining Lights Kindergarten school year begins in late August and runs through the Beginning of June, including 38 weeks of instruction and three vacation weeks. Should dis-enrollment in the program occur for any reason, scholarship awards for the remaining weeks of the school year end. This allows funds to be available to others in need.

Download and print the application form, then bring or send the completed and signed form to our office.