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Little Lights Learning Center

A ministry of
The Lighthouse Church

7808 N.E. 94th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98662

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School Age Summer Themes 2017

June 19th-23rd Pets

Discover many different pets, both common and unusual. How do they grow? How can we care for them?

June 26th-30th Construction

Experiment with building and constructing with various materials (Legos, K'Nex, etc.). How do you build a bridge? Can you make an earthquake safe building?

July 3rd-7th Heroes of the Bible

Learn about Moses, Noah, Peter, Ruth, and other figures from the Bible. Discover their stories and how they connect to the Biggest Story . . . and you!

July 10th-14th Reptiles

Learn about slithery snakes, scaly lizards, toothy crocodiles, and the largest reptiles of all . . . Dinosaurs!

July 17th -21st Vacation Bible School and Weather

VBS 9am-12pm: The Lighthouse Christian Church
Sun, rain, snow, thunder, ice . . . Study different weather types and causes.

July 24th-28th Carnival Week #1

First week of preparation: choosing, planning, and making games.

July 31st-August 4th Carnival Week #2

Second week of preparation and one day event: set up and run carnival for Toddlers, Preschool, and School-Age groups.

August 7th- 11th Jungle Animals

Explore jungle wildlife (lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, etc.) and learn about their habitat.

August 14th-18th Space Exploration

Take a look at the heavens - planets, stars, and galaxies. We'll explore our solar system and beyond!

August 21st-25th Cave Adventure

Learn about caves and how they form, such as the local Ape Caves. What animals might you find there? How to spelunkers explore them?

August 28th-Sept. 1st End of Summer Blast!

Circuses, fairs, and theme parks! Design your own attractions. Put on a talent show. Celebrate the end of summer with lots of fun!