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Little Lights Learning Center

A ministry of
The Lighthouse Church

7808 N.E. 94th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98662

(360) 254-5198 phone
(360) 254-7621 fax

Conveniently located near Padden Expressway.

Serving the entire community, including Five Corners, Orchards, and all of Clark County.

Facilities Tour at Little Lights Learning Center

Overview of Early Learning and Child Development

The Little Lights Learning Center staff is passionate about providing early learning and child development for the greater Vancouver area and Clark County. We are dedicated to providing educational opportunities in all areas: Intellectual, Physical, Emotional, Social, and Biblical Truth in a caring early learning environment. We believe one of the most vital methods of learning is through play. Daily opportunities are provided for children to explore, experiment, and discover.

Click on the link to view a slide show tour of each room.

Infant Room: (One month through twelve months, or older)
We communicate with babies by playing games like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake. Feeding, holding, singing, talking and prayers for babies give teachers the opportunity to provide individualized infant care. This special attention helps to build the foundations of early learning, child development, language and social/emotional growth. Scheduled tummy time, a ballet bar with mirror, and a variety of educational toys and games help stimulate cognitive learning and motor skills.

Toddler Room: (Twelve months and walking through 29 months)
As Toddlers, children continue to learn in a variety of ways through play, interaction, and exploring. A wide range of age appropriate activities are provided throughout the day in our Christian daycare to increase the development of small and large motor skills. Listening, talking, and using sign language are tools used to help develop communication and social skills, and assist teachers in meeting each child’s individual needs. Self-help skills such as feeding themselves, drinking from a cup, following directions, being a helper, and toilet training help in developing an “I can do it” attitude. Children pray and learn about God during Bible time.

Preschool: (Fully potty trained, thirty months through five years of age, Pre-Kindergarten, full day and part day programs)
Because preschoolers love to learn and discover new things, we offer a full day and part day Christian preschool program that is designed to encourage a child’s love and desire to learn while preparing the foundation academically for Kindergarten and beyond. A variety of theme-based activities and age appropriate experiences are provided. Small group instruction helps build self esteem and meet individual needs. Social skills such as cooperation, problem solving, following directions and respect for others are an important part of the curriculum. Daily schedules include imaginative free play, music and movement, art activities, science fun, Bible devotional learning and Circle time.

School Age: (Kindergarten through 12 years of age)
The School Age Program offers before and after school child care where children have many opportunities to be involved in a loosely structured environment that is fun and filled with imagination and information. Each child is involved with projects that test their creativity, problem solving, and decision making skills. Our teachers are available to help with homework when needed. Helping kids learn more about who God is, develop a personal relationship are key components explored during Devotional Time.

Indoor /Outdoor Play: Children are always learning.
We consider the Indoor/Outdoor play area an extension of the classroom. The indoor area is great for the cold, wet weather days. Our outdoor space provides fresh air, separate areas designed developmentally for Toddlers and Preschoolers, and place to explore. The play equipment is designed to promote the development of gross motor skills, and provide exercise. We also have a third fenced area where children ride trikes, or participate in early learning activities and group games.